Contrary to popular belief, I am not always on tour or beyond the reach of artists on a tight budget. Whatever style your music may be, a touch of steel or slide guitar could be the ‘icing on the cake’.
I’m always happy to discuss projects… just contact me.

The Pedal Steel offers a unique twist or hook to innovative production, as well as a stereotypical Country tinge when necessary. I extend the sonic range of my steel guitars by employing a number of devices including an E Bow,’Green Ringer’ ring modulator, Leslie simulator, sitar simulator and a MIDI interface that allows me to track any synth or sampler sound to the pitch bend of the Pedal Steel. If you are curious about the possibilities get in touch.

It can be fast and easy for me to play on your record. Just send me a rough mix of your track (soundfile or MP3), and I can overdub pedal steel or dobro in the ‘Batcave studio’, then return the files to you.
This process is perfect for many of the artists I work with, especially those on a tight deadline or budget.

I’m frequently asked to play live. From world tours to one off events and gigs, to TV and radio performances. I work with a wide range of artists and can adapt to new musical material with minimum preparation.

Based in North London, my ‘Batcave studio’ is perfect for recording, manipulation, mixing and mastering. It’s a state of the art facility that I use mostly for my own projects and the online overdub service. My albums ‘Stop The Panic’ and ‘Trouble In Paradise’ and albums for such artists as Acaysha and Holly Penfield have been recorded here. After playing and recording for years in the great recording studios of the world, I can confidently say I get the best possible steel guitar sound in the Batcave. I encourage artists and producers to attend overdubbing sessions if possible.

I have a great mobile recording facility which can come to you – living rooms, rehearsal rooms, open air - wherever you want to record.
The latest digital audio technology, the highest possible definition of recording combined with old style ‘front end’ (i.e. great mics, headphones, cables etc.), Great recording with the least fuss. • Spontaneous ideas and first takes most often make the best music. ‘The Bat Mobile’ is ideally suited to capturing them, often before the performer is aware that it has happened.
• The equipment takes up little space, and is virtually ‘transparent’ in operation: thus disturbing the creative muse as little as possible.
• Recordings can provide great demos, or the basis for more full productions.
• It may be more affordable than you think... just ask.

Although I’m primarily known for my pedal steel work I’ve been working as a producer since 1971. Records I’ve produced or been involved in the production of include;
‘Swallow Tales’ Cochise (1971).
‘The New Hovering Dog’. BJ Cole solo album. (1972)
‘Leaving For Better Times’ . Nancy Peppers (Cow Pie Records1978) Album.
‘Pie In The Sky” BJ Cole (Cow Pie Records 1978) Single.
‘Hank Wangford’ (Cow Pie Records 1979) Album.
“The Hank Wangford Band Live’ (Cow Pie Records 1982) Album.
‘Hot Dog’,’Marie Marie’,’Green Door’. Shakin’ Stevens. Tracks co produced with Stuart Coleman. (CBS 1982/3) singles / albums.
‘Transparent Music’ BJ Cole solo album. (Hannibal Records 1989).
‘Heart Of The Moment’ BJ Cole Solo album (Resurgence 1995)
‘Fragile Human Monster’ Holly Penfield. (1999)
‘One Way Track’ Acaysha (2000)
‘Stop The Panic’ Luke Vibert/BJ Cole (Cooking Vinyl 2000) Album.
‘Trouble In Paradise” BJCole with Groove Armada, Alabama 3 etc. (Cooking Vinyl 2005)Album

To discuss my involvement in any project contact me.
I’m also be available for educational seminars and courses in music technology.